The ‘S’ Word

Stress! Modern society is not without its large share of stressors. We worry about money, careers, education, image, keeping up with social media, and the list is endless. Many of these stress-inducing concepts are not even tangible, meaning they are not actual objects to be feared, but our technological-age created anxiety. This is a far... Continue Reading →

Don’t Be Afraid of FAT!

If I hear one more person say they can't eat red meat or butter because of the cholesterol content, I'm going to scream! We need cholesterol to build and maintain our cell membranes, to make bile in the liver, which helps us digest healthy fats, to create Vitamin D and other steroid hormones (estrogen and... Continue Reading →

8 Reasons to Ditch the Dairy

Milk is good for you. It helps you build strong bones with all that wonderful calcium it supplies. You should drink milk because our ancestors drank milk. These are all lies, made up by clever marketing tactics to keep Big Dairy in business. Because at least in the United States, we care more about business... Continue Reading →

10 Quick Digestion Tips!

Proper digestion is critical to getting all of the necessary vitamins and minerals you need to operate a healthy body! Getting enough nutrients helps prevent illness, gives you the energy you need, and makes you a happier person overall!   Check out this super helpful infographic for ways you can improve your digestion in a... Continue Reading →

How to Read Food Labels

Food labels. Are they indicators of how healthy our food is or just various forms of marketing? What is the difference between "free range" and "pasture raised"? Why are there so many different choices of eggs? I hope I can help break down some of the confusion regarding the words you commonly see on foods... Continue Reading →

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