My Favorite Podcasts

I love podcasts – ok I may be borderline obsessed with them. I don’t listen to music while I’m driving, cleaning the house, or walking; I listen to podcasts. I get upset when I run out of episodes to listen to. So it’s a real thing.

I have various podcast subscriptions – some are health and fitness related, some are more story-like, others are just background noise for when I want something on but am working or not really listening. I told you – obsessed!

I thought I would share some of my favorite podcasts that provide a wealth of information or are simply an escape for when you need a break. I would love to hear what podcasts you would recommend as well! I could always use one or two more 🙂

  • Health/Fitness Related:
    • The Paleo Solution Podcast – a classic in the paleo/real food nutrition sphere hosted by Robb Wolf (@dasrobbwolf). This podcast has evolved from a mostly listener-based question show to interviews with experts in various health-related fields. I never miss it.
    • Balanced Bites Podcast – another early paleo podcast hosted by Diane Sanfilippo (@dianesanfilippo) and Liz Wolfe (@realfoodliz), both nutrition specialists interested in addressing common health concerns and further educating listeners on real life topics. Liz is the reason I became an NTC and I love her perspective on all things baby related.
    • Barbell Shrugged Podcast – the hosts (@barbellshruggedpodcast) have changed a few times but the subject matter is consistent – CrossFit, strength & conditioning, nutrition, etc. I like learning about different modalities of training from the hosts and their guests. It is definitely a male-perspective on fitness though so if you are a woman you may not get all of your questions answered.
    • Is this Podcast Paleo? – a relatively newer podcast hosted by NTP Kristin Kaschak (@thegirlwiththebutter) and foodie/photographer Everett Rossetti (@paleofatkid) in which they discuss paleo living, CrossFit, and answer listener questions. I like this one because it’s more of an uncensored approach and not as formally structured as other shows. It’s pretty entertaining!
    • Katy Says Podcast – Katy Bowman (@nutritiousmovement) and Dani Hemmat talk about all things movement related. Basically most humans have become extremely sedentary and creatures that remain indoors. Katy and Dani give advice and ideas on how to get outside more, sit less, and Move Your DNA (one of Katy’s books). One of my goals for 2017 is to get outside everyday and listening to this podcast is seriously inspiring.
  • Pregnancy/Parenting Related:
    • Healthy Moms Podcast – hosted by Katie (@wellnessmama) who has birthed 6(!) kids and is raising them in a real food/paleo lifestyle. She interviews various experts in the real food/primal sphere and covers topics related to kids and babies for us crunchy moms (moms-to-be). It’s a refreshing take on topics that bucks conventional child-rearing wisdom.
    • Birthfit Podcast – hosted by Dr. Lindsey Mathews (@gigemlindsey) who is a chiropractor and birth doula, this podcasts has been extremely helpful to me in learning about homebirth, chiropractic care for adults and babies, and vaccines to name just a few topics. Some of the best episodes are the interviews with women who share their birth stories. She is definitely a leader in this informed pregnancy movement and I will certainly be following her postpartum program after my baby is born!
  • Entertainment Related:
    • Tell Me Something I Don’t Know – Steven Dubner, best known for Freakonomics, hosts this game show style podcast in which contestants produce fun facts to the judges. It’s a cool way to learn random and interesting facts!
    • Stuff You Should Know – Josh Clark and Charles W. “Chuck” Bryant are a magical podcast duo that keep me entertained while learning about a wide array of topics. They put out two shows a week and have an enormous archive of topics. The banter is really what I listen for 🙂
    • Here’s The Thing – Alec Baldwin interviews actors, artists, directors, etc. about their careers, lives, and influences. He talks to people I have never heard of as well as those more relevant today.
    • Radiolab – It’s hard to describe what Radiolab is – possibly a combination of storytelling and investigative journalism? My favorite episode is probably the one on big game hunting which totally shifted my perspective on the topic.
    • Homecoming – This is a purely fictional podcast about veterans with PTSD at a treatment center in Tampa and how a caseworker gets a little too close to her patients.
  • Life Improvement Related:
    • The Tim Ferriss Show – Ah how I love to hate Tim Ferriss (@tferriss). Best known for The Four Hour Workweek, he is an author, experimenter, and now interviewer who talks to successful people in various fields about their morning routines, philosophies, and habits in the hopes that his listeners will incorporate some of this advice into their own lives. Sometimes he makes the show too much about him though which is why I say I can’t stand him 🙂
    • How I Built This – This podcast is fairly new and I really enjoy it! It’s all about how people built their businesses from nothing and became successful. It’s motivating for me to hear about how people thought they would fail but were ultimately successful in pursuing their dreams and working for themselves.
    • The Minimalists Podcast – I just started this one recently after hearing about the Minimalism Documentary on Netflix (I haven’t watched it) and after reading The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up. I like to think of myself as somewhat of a Minimalist as I hate clutter and holding onto things I no longer need/want/use, but these guys have it figured out to a whole other level!

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