So you watched “What the Health” on Netflix and now you want to condemn meat and meat-eaters and become a vegetarian/vegan and post all over the internet about it.

If this describes you then I hope what I’m about to write will burst your newly found passion for beans (because of the protein, duh). Because whatever you think you learned in that documentary is simply propaganda pushed by the extremely passionate vegans who made it, and not a statement on how society should be eating for health.

I will start by saying I haven’t watched it. I have sooooo many more important things to do with my time than watch completely biased bunch of ex-cons (at least one went to prison for harassment and lighting someone’s house on fire) spout pseudo-science at me about how meat is killing us in one way or another. But I’ve heard a lot about it, and have unfortunately noticed more than one person on Facebook announcing they have given up meat because this documentary is so “eye-opening”.


There are many reasons why veganism makes me irrationally angry. And I’m going to list them in no particular order in the hope that at least one person realizes the truth: that eating high quality, sustainably sourced animal products is in no way killing you. This means the animal was raised in its natural environment and fed the food it is designed to eat and allowed to move freely until it has fully grown and then taken to be humanely slaughtered on its “one bad day”.

For the record, I am not defending factory farmed meat/eggs in which animals are force fed food they are not designed to eat laced with antibiotics so they don’t get sick from standing in their own shit all day and hormones so they grow much faster than nature intended in order for them to be lined up and slaughtered in a completely unnatural and torturous way. Factory farming=bad.

Here’s what the movie doesn’t tell you:


  1. No hunter-gatherer or traditional society was ever in the history of humankind, vegan. They all consumed some type of protein from animals even if they were simply insects.
  2. You are not born a vegan, in fact you are designed to drink milk from a mammal from day 1. It is an unfortunate reality that some babies do not drink breast milk and that supplements made from soy exist but that is not the ideal.
  3. Humans are designed to eat meat, and our bodies rely on the nutrients that can only be obtained from eating animal protein like Vitamin A and B12.
  4. You would be hard pressed to find a lifelong vegan, or multigenerational veganism. It doesn’t happen.
  5. People are told they don’t need animals to live and are then marketed imitation foods which are highly processed and filled with chemicals, making them unhealthier.
  6. The “disney-fication” of animals has made them “our friends” and it’s unappealing to eat our friends. I’m not advocating for everyone going out and hunting for their food, but some people have to do that because that’s how the food chain works. You are certainly more than welcome to simply purchase your meat from the grocery store but don’t condemn someone for doing the dirty work.
  7. Are you a vegan but your car has leather seats? Your shoes have leather soles? Do you sit on a leather couch? We use animal products in more than just our food.


“What the Health” and other dogmatic films of this nature typically present one argument, by one type of person (vegan), and does not attempt to present the other side of the story making it completely biased. The brave thing for the filmmakers to do would’ve been to investigate sustainable meat production instead of condemning all meat everywhere under all conditions.

For more on the movie specifically, Robb Wolf does a truly excellent breakdown of the movie and his thoughts/response. Absolutely worth reading if you are still dead set on becoming a vegan. Read it here.


Some of my information came from the Rewild Yourself podcast by Daniel Vitalis, episode 94.


I hope this at least gets you to consider that there is more than one side to this story and that it is in your best interest to do your own research when making diet and lifestyle changes.


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  1. Great post – I’m really glad that you’re finding things that are controversial and things that just dont make sense to you, I think thats the best way to truly understand something and make the right decision for yourself. But, if you don’t mind, I would just like to throw out a few pointers to some of the things you’ve brought up, as I do think what you wrote is interesting! I’m not going to throw out any science or research articles because at the time of writing, I just simply lack time. But I urge you to look further beyond these documentries.

    Yes we are designed to drink milk from mammals, but specifically, our own kind. There are no other mammalls that drink milk from another species. There are plenty of studies that show a correlation between the consumption of milk and the rise of osteoarthritis. There are also plenty of studies, specifically one done in lab rats, that also show the correlation of dairy products to cancer rates.

    Humans are actually, physiologically and Biologically not designed to eat meat. See this chart to compare the components of what is true of that to be a carnivore, omnivore and herbivore
    I also urge you to look at further studies that show, or simply take from your own knowledge, the consequences of meat. Especially red meat! As we all know, outside of the ‘vegan propaganda’ or whatever you would like to call it, the impending risk of heart disease and cholestrol​ ​levels. Furthermore, the vitamins you specified are found in meat, yes, but where does your meat source them for itself? B12 is found in the soil, but due to manufacturing and cleaning methods, it is difficult to source B12 on a vegan diet. But, saying that, even as a meat eater you can be deficient in B12 which is why its important to find supplements regardless of whichever diet you choose. And aside from that, on a healthy vegan diet, not only is it possible to source all vitamins, but you often find yourself exceeding in nutrient rich foods and reaping the benefits!

    You really do not need meat to survive. Especially with factory farmed meat that are injected with hormones and antibiotics which have not been specified to be fit for human consumption. Imitation mock products are there for those who are trying to lead a healthier lifestyle and desire alternatives to help them transition. Are there healthier products? of course, whole foods full of fibre, nutrients and minerals are much preferred for anybody. But I suppose everybodys​​ clarification of “healthy” is different. I know for sure, knowing all I’ve learned in the past 2 years that mock products offer less ‘harmful’ ingredients than meat. Also, all the chemicals you speak of in mock products are found in the majority of processed foods and are not exclusive to vegan/ vegetarian products.

    I understand your anger at ‘disneyfying’ animals and that the real world depends on the food chain. But have you considered learning about our current food chain system? There is nothing natural about factory farming. the mas​s breedin​​g of the extortionate ​amount of animals is screwing with the entire eco-climate. Species are going extinct, rainforests destroyed, seas are being depleated, and the air polluted. Did you know it takes more than 2,400 gallons of water to produce just 1 pound of meat and only 25 gallons of water are required to grow 1 pound of wheat. Not to mention the amount ​of land farm animals take up compared to plant foods, which in theory, could end world hunger if used for growing an abundence of fruit, vegetables and such. As much as I would love to go on about this, This is a rather long comment and urge you to search a little deeper instead of me just throwing random facts at you. Haha it can only go so far without seeing the proof! I hope you continue with keeping your mind open as I was once in your position, and it took me a lot to be convinced of anything. But with what I know now, and the way I feel, I could never go back to eating a standard western diet.

    Hope you’re well! xx


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