Get Your Booty Back!

Some of you may know that I host a Free monthly Mommy + Me Bootcamp workout at my gym, Primal Empowerment, which is open to new moms and their babies! We do workouts actually wearing the babies, and then give the babes some time to play with each other on the floor while we do a strength portion or a cool down! I know that it is challenging to get to the gym regularly or make time for yourself once you become a mom, so I thought I would post a workout that you can do while watching your babe at home (or maybe during nap time). They will be quick and utilize things you have in your house so you can get a sweat going without having to make a trip to the gym!

For new moms in Tampa, look for my monthly Mommy + Me Bootcamp – the next one takes place on Wednesday, October 25 at 10:30am. And tell your new mom friends!

If you can’t make it to my gym but want to still workout, ask me about my remote personal training! And check out my testimonial page.

At home workout #2:

A. Rear foot elevated split squat – put your back foot on your couch and bring your bent knee down towards the floor, as low as you can comfortably, and then stand all the way back up.

Complete 4 sets of 4 reps on each leg. Rest as needed between sets. For an extra challenge, wear your baby while split squatting – carefully!

B. Tabata – 8 rounds: 20 seconds of work, 10 seconds of rest

Babywearing Squats (can squat down to couch)


Plank holds

Complete all 8 rounds of squats and then 8 rounds of planks. Try to get the same number of squats each round.

C. Go outside for a walk with your baby, dog, husband, or a friend!

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