Back to Basics!


You want to look and feel good. You want more energy and to reduce stress. You want to perform well at the gym and be able to play with your kids. You don’t want to worry if you’re eating the right foods.

Join the 6 week Back to Basics for small group nutrition coaching, which includes:

  • simple nutrition guidelines
  • sample weekly meal plan
  • recommended grocery list
  • support via private Facebook group
  • weekly quick tips
  • weekly food journal review
  • weekly recipes

When you complete the challenge you will be confident in your nutritional and lifestyle choices. You will have more energy, less cravings, better body composition, and will feel amazing! Click here to sign up!


Macronutrient Plans


Ready to get serious about eating for a performance or an aesthetic goal?

An individualized macronutrient ratio plan may be exactly what you need! Macronutrients refer to the protein, carbohydrates, and fat we consume. By eating the ratio of macros specific for you, you can potentially see dramatic results!

Before starting I recommend you:

  • Have a healthy eating foundation
  • Are willing to weigh and measure all of your meals
  • Are willing to track your meals in a convenient MyMacros App

Please contact me for more info on how to get started!




Download my guide to eating healthy in preparation for and during your pregnancy. You receive a wealth of information made simple about what foods pack the most nutrition, what foods to strictly avoid, and how to combat morning sickness!