Thomas W. on his personalized Macronutrient plan: “There has been a multitude of changes since I started following a Macro plan. Going into this experience I was focused solely on weight gain, but in the end much more has been gained.  I have a better understanding of what my body needs and more importantly what it doesn’t need.  By embracing the change in diet and intake there have been noticeable changes on the scale, body composition, and performance/recovery after workouts.”

Elena’s Story – August 2017


Elena is one of my personal training clients who went from wondering what to do in the gym to a focused athlete with a training program designed just for her and her goals.

She says, “Lauren is an amazing trainer. I have been working with her for 5 months now and my health has improved and my anxiety has decreased. My body looks better than I ever thought it could, and at 42 years old I went from not being able to do any pull-ups to being able to do pull-ups every day. I would definitely recommend her as a trainer.”

Check out my services page for more info on personalized training plans!


Angie’s Story – January 2017


Angie has been a member of the gym for almost 2 years. She has been a dedicated athlete at the 5:30am class. She has seen improvements in her lifts and WOD times, and over the past 2 months she has been working extremely hard towards her weight loss goal.

Angie realized how unhappy she was with her weight on Halloween 2016. Angie participated in the Team Nutrition Challenge in November 2016. She had the biggest loss in inches around her waist, hips, and upper arm in gym. She also has had the most weight lost since the Challenge, and has lost over 30 pounds to date.

She has continued following our healthy eating guidelines and making better food choices has had great success! She still comes to the 5:30am class and is getting ready for the 2017 Open!

Eric’s Story – November 2016


Eric’s journey to health began in July 2016. He discovered the paleo diet and lifestyle while watching a segment on Dr. Oz. He then went out a bought a few books to learn more about eating a whole foods diet close to how our ancestors ate. A few weeks later, he joined the gym to get back into fitness.

Until this point, Eric grew up in a family where food was the focus! If he had a date, he had to eat dinner with his family first, and then have a second dinner while out! After retiring from being a firefighter, he became more sedentary and slowly put on the extra pounds, occasionally doing the Atkins diet with limited success.

Since July of this year, Eric has lost 55 pounds from following a paleo diet and working out at the gym 4-5 times per week. He says he feels amazing, has more energy, and his health numbers have all returned to normal. His doctor was amazed by the change.

Eric continues to eat a paleo diet while making room for occasional treats like popcorn at the movies.


From participants of the November 2016 nutrition challenge:

“I lost inches. Got stronger and more efficient at the gym.” – Natalie C.

“I feel better during workouts, lost inches, and 5lbs.” – Ashley G.

“I feel more motivated to continue eating healthy. Nice having a group chat to share healthy ideas and hear how they are doing in the challenge also.” – Amanda D.

“I made a conscious effort to eat healthy, I held myself accountable because I didn’t want to let my team down and I feel healthier overall.” – Katie T.

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