Feed Your Fertile Body™

Optimize your fertility and

prepare your body for pregnancy

with this 6-week program


A healthy baby requires well-nourished parents. In today’s toxic and stressful world, many couples are lacking the nutrients and well-being they need to conceive and deliver the baby of their dreams. Feed Your Fertile Body™ helps restore fertility through nutrition and lifestyle guidance, practical application, and support.

Week 1

Best-Kept Secrets About Fat & Fertility

  • “Good” vs. “bad” fats
  • The cholesterol key
  • Why you need fat-soluble vitamins
  • The link between fat and morning sickness

Week 2

Sugar–Not So Sweet After All

  • Sugar’s effect on hormones and fertility
  • Where it’s hiding and how to find it
  • Why artificial sweeteners are even worse

Week 3

The Basics of Proper Food Preparation

  • Why and how to prepare grains, legumes, nuts, and seeds
  • The importance of hydration
  • How the adrenals and thyroid affect fertility

Week 4

Boost Fertility by Decreasing Inflammation

  • What causes inflammation
  • The impact of allergies and food sensitivities
  • Foods that hurt vs. help

Week 5

Improving Protein Digestion & Mineral Absorption

  • Why stomach acid is essential
  • The link between digestion and male infertility
  • Tips for proper digestion

Week 6

The Importance of Your Gut Microbiome

  • What causes gut dysbiosis
  • The consequences of an unhealthy gut
  • How to balance your gut microbiome


What’s Included:

  • Six 90-minute meetings taught by a Nutritional Therapy Consultant
  • Peer support group in-person and on Facebook
  • Food samples
  • Recipes
  • Grocery shopping lists
  • Resources for home and body care
  • Fertility-enhancing food chart
  • Meal planning templates
  • Supplemental information about GMOs
  • and more!

Schedule & Cost

6 week ONLINE class TBD

The cost is $200 per couple or $125 per individual which includes the cost of a detailed workbook in both digital and hard-copy form.

Please contact me at info@primalempowerment.com for any questions or to reserve your spot!

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